Souldier, A Voice for Veterans

Souldier is not just a documentary about our Veterans.   It’s a crusade to keep their service to our country sacred,  because they chose to lay their lives on the line to keep us free.   Freedom is NOI free.  

Three years ago, I started this film with no budget and a very small production team.    We interviewed a lot of people, homeless veterans,  vet’s with acute PTSD, and the saddest of all are the families who were stunned when their returning hero came home and then committed suicide. 

Today, right now,  there are over 1,200 homeless vets in Arizona.    30-45 veterans commit suicide EVERYDAY in America.    The V.A. continues to struggle to make things better, but politics and money taint those efforts.    We’re not giving up.    

The Souldier documentary is being prepped for a new screening in Feb. 2019,  at the Harkins Valley Arts Theater in Tempe, AZ.    Our intention is to continue to raise public awareness for our vets, and to give Souldier a good send off as it heads for distribution.

If you’d like to help, we’d like to hear from you.     Whether you are a potential sponsor or volunteer, we celebrate your contribution since nothing can be done without your support.         

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