Souldier, The Documentary.        

by US Navy Veteran / writer – director Russ Littlefield 

Four years ago, I sat and listened to my friend, Jerzy Lewis, an Army veteran, tell me what it was like to have PTSD.   He said that PTSD was the worst thing he has had to deal with in coming home to civilian life.   Anything can trigger a moment that can paralyze and disorient you, and you have no warning.    

We set out to do a quick, 15 min. spot about PTSD, just to help raise public awareness.  

Souldier became a full documentary and inspired the creation of the Souldier Project, as well as the ASPIRE Homeless Veterans Recovery Group Home.   As a veteran and a film maker, and more than that, an American, I feel that it is morally reprehensible that there can be even ONE homeless veteran anywhere.   

This is an ongoing production and process for Guiding Light Filmworks, but Souldier was is my first, self produced film, chosen not to make money,  but to make a difference.   

As always, there’s a lot to do, and pride goeth before a fall, so if you want to help, please hit the contact page. 

Thank you all for your continued support of Souldier.     


America High    The Culture of Cannbis  (documentary) 

A couple of years ago, California did almost 14 billion dollars in Marijuana industries.   Whether that’s praise or criticism for the Golden State, its points to a metaphor about our country as a whole.   It’s okay to make money on Pot, but it’s not okay actually use it.  Well, unless you have a card.  

America High is not about the joy of recreational cannabis use, rather its a clarion call to more tolerance and underestanding that cannabis is, indeed, a miracle plant.   Not DRUG.    

In order to finally see cannabis legalized and de-scheduled as a “drug,” we have educate and consistently underscore the expanding benefits of cannabis and the extracts that baffle the medical world. 

Originally slated as a “stand alone” documentary, the project is steadily moving into a “series” mode which would allow for more in-depth stories about the success many are having with good old Maryjane. 

See our America High FB page for more information.