Guding LIght Film

Thank you for visiting our site. Guiding LIght Media Group, LLC, (*2017 AZ Corp.Commission) is more than one company, and is the holding arena for our subdivisions. With such a diversity in our production goals, and to avoid confusion, the following is a close-up on our divisions.

  • Guiding Light Film – Documentaries, Learning & Training, Family & Spiritual/ Inspirational.
  • Victory Road Productions – Action, Thrillers, Drama, Comedy / Cable / Web broadcast
  • Blue District Motion Pictures – Large & Epic Budget Projects.
  • Candlewynde Records – Administrates all music and performance, score, theme and original compositions.

Music & Audio

Here at the “light” house, we believe that what you hear in a film is just as important as what you see.

From themes to score, songs to singers, you can source us for those epic notes or sounds.

Cable / Web

Guiding Light Media Group

A project roster by Russ would not be complete without a few t.v. pilots bouncing around.   Some of these ‘series” projects,s are in development and you can vew the promotional trailers as they appear on this site.


News & Reviews

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